Per Gessle 1988-1989 Look Sharp Tour (The white pick comes from a show in Eskilstuna, Sweden 28/7/89)

Per Gessle 1991-1992 Joyride Tour (The first two comes from a show in Sydney). Many of these picks were even used on the Crash boom bang tour as well.

Roxette 1991-1992 Joyride Tour (I miss this pick so if you have it please contact me,

Per Gessle 1994-1995 Crash! Boom! Bang! World Tour (The white pick were used on a show in London at Wembley 1994)(I miss the brown pick with silver print, so if you have it please contact me,

Per Gessle 2001 Room Service Tour.

Per Gessle 2009 Night Of The Proms Tour (If you have any Roxette picks to sell or trade? Please contact me,

Per Gessle & Christoffer Lundquist 2010 Europe Tour (The second pick is thin guage and used when he plays acoustic guitar)(Christoffer used the blue picks with Pers name).

Per Gessle & Christoffer Lundquist 2011 Charm School The World Tour. Micke N-S (Gessles tech, purple pick)(The how do you do! picks is thin guage and used when Per plays acoustic guitar)

Per Gessle & Christoffer Lundquist 2012 Charm School The World Tour & two tech picks from Micke NS (Gessles tech, last purple pick in top row) & Jakob Johnzén (Christoffers tech, last blue pick in bottom row). The Gessle picks on the second row with his signature were used on the US leg of the tour (First blue pearl pick in top row have heavy guage, the rest has medium exept the red acoustic witch is thin).

Per Gessle 2011-2012 Charm School The World Tour (Missprinted picks, Not used on the tour).

Per Gessle 2014 30th Anniversary Tour, East of Europe, Russia, Estonia, Lithuania & Finland ( I still miss one of the picks from this tour, if you have it to sell or trade please send me an email

Per Gessle, Christoffer Lundquist & Micke NS (Guitar Tech) 2015 30th Anniversary Tour, New Zeland & Australia (Pick #6 is missprinted and were not used on the tour).

Per Gessle & Christoffer Lundquist 2015 30th Anniversary European Tour.

Per Gessle 2015 30th Anniversary South Africa Tour.

Per Gessle & Micke NS (Guitar Tech) 2018 PGs Roxette Debut Tour

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12.11 | 20:02

Oj vad många plektrum.Själv har jag 350 st och alla är riktiga on tour , själv har jag 350 stycken från gitarristerna direkt. Är alla dina riktiga on tour??

08.08 | 12:09

Hej dubbletter tro?

06.06 | 15:31

Hej! Vad är värdet på ett plektrum ( lila Martin plektrum 2002-2003 Vapen och Amunition + Kalasturné) från denna turné? Tacksam för svar. Mvh. M.

10.04 | 08:18

Really great collection. Have you really obtained all yourself?
Cheers from Finland.