KISS Related

Ace Frehley & Bruce Kulick Musicade pick from 1989, sold through Metal Edge Magazine and other music magazines. Made by Todd Loren at a Company called Musicade outside of San Diego,California.

Bruce Kulick ESP Guitars promo pick.

Paul, Ace & Peters guitar/drum technician picks 1998-1999 Psycho Circus World Tour.

1998 Promo picks, sold as Dressing room picks.

Paul Stanley 1998 Washburn promo pick (first one is a prototype pick)

Ace Frehley 1999 Gibson Les Paul promo pick.

1999 Promo picks

Eric Carr 2000 Rockology Promo Picks & 10th Anniverary pick of his death 24/11/1991.

Genes Tech Spike 2000 Farwell Tour

Dale Torborg "The Demon" 2001 Professional Wrestler XWF (wear makup as Gene).

Kissexpo in Europe 2002 (last paul with green print is a missprint).

Paul Stanley 2003 Silvertone promo pick

promo picks and unofficial

Promo picks, Unofficial

Bruce Kulick & Eric Singer 2003-11-02 Kissexpo Apalooza Winnipeg, Canada.

Paul & Tommys guitar technician picks Francis & Derniére Sortie 2003 World Domination Tour.

Kiss promo pick from 2004 Rock The Nation World Tour

Paul & Tommys guitar technician picks Francis & Derniére Sortie 2004 Rock The Nation Tour

Kiss Army Sweden, (Fan Club pick).

2008 KISS Army Membership Promotion pick

Kiss Crew pics 2008 Alive35 World Tour

Paul Stanley 2009 & 2010 Promo pick that came with his signature washburn guitars (#2 Came with his Washburn signature flying V 2010)

Kiss Crew Pick 2010 Sonic Boom World Tour

Kiss Guitar tech Jim Survis (Tommy Thayers guitar tech).

KISS/Mötley Crue 2012 The Tour (Promo pick from Mexico)

Fan made picks from Kiss Kruise 3 & 4.(first pick is Johan Carlén. KISS Army Sweden)

Kiss 2018 fan made to celebrate the show in Cordoba July 12, 2018.

Francis 2019 Kiss Kruise IX 30 Oct - 4 Nov,Paul Stanleys guitar tech.

KISS Football picks 2020 (No info, probably fan made)

Eric Carr Promotion pick

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08.08 | 14:09

Hej dubbletter tro?

06.06 | 17:31

Hej! Vad är värdet på ett plektrum ( lila Martin plektrum 2002-2003 Vapen och Amunition + Kalasturné) från denna turné? Tacksam för svar. Mvh. M.

10.04 | 10:18

Really great collection. Have you really obtained all yourself?
Cheers from Finland.

11.05 | 12:10

hello, haow are you¿ ... you sell some of your guitar pickss

thx so much

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