Lita Ford

Lita Ford 1984 Dancing on the Edge Tour

Lita Ford & Steve "Slick" Fister 1988-1989 Lita World Tour (Last Steve pick comes from a Show in Stockholm at Hovet 1989/12/05 when Lita was opening for Bon Jovi).

Lita Ford 1991-1992 Dangerous Curves Tour

Lita Ford, Tom Cavanagh & Teddy Cook 2008 Rocklahoma Tour

Lita Ford 2009 Wicked Wonderland Tour

Mitch Perry 2012-2013 Living Like A Runaway Tour

Lita Ford 2016-2017 Time Capsule Tour

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10.04 | 10:18

Really great collection. Have you really obtained all yourself?
Cheers from Finland.

11.05 | 12:10

hello, haow are you¿ ... you sell some of your guitar pickss

thx so much

28.02 | 02:25

Hejsan :) har du några mustasch plektrum till salu?

26.01 | 07:10

Do you ever sell any of your Volbeat picks

Du gillar den här sidan