Paul Stanley

Paul Stanley 1988 solo tour in USA.

Paul Stanley, Rafael Moreira & Francis 2006-2007 Live To Win Tour. (The Purple pick was used during the hole US tour except fot the east cost where he used the white pick. The White Pearl pick comes from the Australian tour 2007(Francis is Pauls guitar tech).

Paul stanley Prototype Guitar Picks, (I don´t know the year).

Paul Stanley May 20th, 2013. Used on a privat show to raise money at his sons school.

Paul Stanley 2014 Promotion guitar pick from the release of his book Face the music: a life exposed. Released April 8th, 2014.

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18.08 | 13:36

Awesome Collection! Do you have any Dead Daisies Picks for trade?

13.08 | 13:44

Letar efter plektrum med sweet

07.08 | 18:10

Är de till salu?

08.06 | 10:58

Du gillar den här sidan