Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton 1984 Tour with Roger Waters , This pick comes from the show at Isstadion in Stockholm June 16, 1984.

Eric Clapton Promotion pick, no other info on this pick.

Eric Clapton 90s (No info on this pick)

Eric Clapton 1998 Europe Tour

Eric Clapton 1998 European Tour Promotion pick.

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08.02 | 08:44

Never seen an Anna K pick before.I would like to add this to my collection. Would you consider parting with it? Thanks.J.B.

19.01 | 13:35

Awesome collection.
Do you sell any guitar pick?
Thank you

11.12 | 16:36


En liten fråga, har du några konserter med Motörhead, Video eller Audio spelar ingen roll?



18.08 | 13:36

Awesome Collection! Do you have any Dead Daisies Picks for trade?

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