Deep Purple

Richie Blackmore (No info on these picks)

Richie Blackmore 1991 Slaves & Masters World Tour

Steve Morse 2000-2001 Concerto World Tour

Steve Morse 2003-2005 Bananas World Tour

Steve Morse & Roger Glover 2005 - 2006 Rapture of the deep tour

Steve Morse 2006 signed from Sweden Rock Festival 08/06/06.

Steve Morse 2013-2014 Now What?! World Tour (This pick comes from the show in Buenos Aires, Argentina 21 November 2014)(This pick is a heavy guage pick).

Steve Morse 2016 World Tour. These picks comes from the show at Gröna Lund in Stockholm 2 Juli 2016 (The first pick of each color has thin guage, the second is medium).

Steve Morse 2017 World Tour

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18.08 | 13:36

Awesome Collection! Do you have any Dead Daisies Picks for trade?

13.08 | 13:44

Letar efter plektrum med sweet

07.08 | 18:10

Är de till salu?

08.06 | 10:58

Du gillar den här sidan