John Sykes & Neil Murray 1984-1985 Slide It In Tour

John Sykes, Adrian Vandenberg & Vivian Campbell. 1987-88 World Tour. (Vivian replaced John 1987, Vivians last pick is a leftover from Dios secret heart tour 1985 but were used on this tour too).

Adrian Vandenberg & Steve Vai 1990-1991 Liquor & Poker World Tour (The first Adrian pick & Orange Steve comes from the Monsters of rock show in Globen-Stockholm 21/08/1990)

Doug Aldrich, Reb Beach & Marco Mendoza. 2003 25th Annivesary World Tour. The 25th Anniversary tour was divided into 5 different tours, 29/1-05/4 US Tour, 12/5-23/5 Monsters of rock Tour in UK, 25/5-14/6 Europe Tour, 11/7-23/8 Rock never stops tour US & 18/9-28/9 Japan tour (Some picks were also used during the next 2004 World Tour).

Reb Beach & Marco Mendoza 2003 25th Annivesary World Tour (Missprinted).

Doug Aldrich, Reb Beach & Marco Mendoza. 2004 Live... In the still of the night - European Tour

Doug Aldrich, Reb Beach & Uriha Duffy, The Rock & Roll Rhythm & Blues Show Tour - Mexico & South America 1 sep - 13 sep 2005.

Doug Aldrich 2005 Promo picks, sold at his web sight.

Doug Aldrich, Reb Beach & Uriha Duffy 2006 Live... In the shadow of the blues tour. (The 5th Blue Uriha pick comes from the Sweden Rock Festival Show 10/06/2006)

Doug Aldrich, Timothy Drury, Reb Beach & Uriha Duffy. 2008-2009 Good to be bad world tour.

Doug Aldrich, Reb Beach & Michael Devin 2011-2012 Forevermore World Tour

Doug Aldrich, Reb Beach & Michael Devin 2013 Year of the Snake World Tour

Reb Beach & Joel Hoekstra 2015 The Purple Tour

Joel Hoekstra 2015-2016

Reb Beach, Joel Hoekstra & Michael Devin 2016 Greatest Hits World Tour

Reb Beach 2018 Jukebox Heroes Tour

Reb Beach & Michael Devin 2019-2020 Tour

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