Vivian Campbell 1983-1984 Holy Diver Tour & 1984-1985 The Last In Line World Tour (First pick is medium guage, the other two are heavy guage).

Vivian Campball & Jimmy Bain 1985-1986 Secret Heart World Tour

Craig Goldie & Jimmy Bain 1987-1988 Dream Evil Tour

Rowan Robertson & Teddy Cook 1990 Lock Up The Wolves Tour

Tracy G, Jeff Pilson & Jerry Best 1993-1995 Strange Highways World Tour

Tracy G & Jeff Pilson 1996-1997 Angry Machines Tour

Larry Dennison 1998-1999 To Hull & Back (Inferno) World Tour

Graig Goldy & Chuck Garric 2000-2001 Magica Tour.

Doug Aldrich & Jimmy Bain 2002-2003 Killing the Dragon World Tour

Doug Aldrich & Rudy Sarzo 2004-2006 Master Of The Moon World Tour.

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08.02 | 08:44

Never seen an Anna K pick before.I would like to add this to my collection. Would you consider parting with it? Thanks.J.B.

19.01 | 13:35

Awesome collection.
Do you sell any guitar pick?
Thank you

11.12 | 16:36


En liten fråga, har du några konserter med Motörhead, Video eller Audio spelar ingen roll?



18.08 | 13:36

Awesome Collection! Do you have any Dead Daisies Picks for trade?

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