Yngwie Malmsteen

Yngwie Malmsteen 1983-1984 Tour with Acatrazz. (I´m not sure but the rumor says they were used with Alcatrazz...)

Yngwie Malmsteen 1985 Marching out world tour (The last 3 picks comes from a show at Göta Lejon in Stockholm 1985/05/24). The first 3 picks have gold print, pick 4 and 5 have silver print.

Yngwie Malmsteen 1986 - 1987 Trilogy Tour

Yngwie Malmsteen & Barry Dunaway 1988-1989 Odyssey Tour (the first two picks comes from a show at Solnahallen, Stockholm 1988-12-17).

Yngwie Malmsteen 1990 Eclipse Tour.

Yngwie Malmsteen 1992 Fire & Ice World Tour

Yngwie Malmsteen 1994 The Seventh Sign World Tour.

Yngwie Malmsteen from the 90s

Yngwie Malmsteen 2000-2001 War to end all wars tour (Pick nr 2 & 3 is also promo picks but was used during this tour).

Yngwie Malmsteen 2001 promo (The pick came with the DVD The Yngwie Malmsteen Collection 2001 i Japan)

Yngwie Malmsteen 2001 Japan Promo Pick

Yngwie Malmsteen 2003 The Genesis World Tour. This pick comes from the premiere show at Blå in Eskilstuna, Sweden 2003/04/11.

Yngwie Malmsteen 2003 Promo from Japan (The print is Silver Foil)

Yngwie Malmsteen 2005 Unleash The Fury Tour (The first pick comes from the Sweden Rock Festival Show 2005/06/11)(The third & fourth pick is promo picks but was used during this tour).

Yngwie Malmsteen & Björn Englen 2008-2009 Perpetual Flame Tour.

Yngwie Malmsteen 2010-2011 Relentless Tour

Yngwie Malmsteen 2013-2014 Spellbound World Tour

Yngwie Malmsteen 2016 Unleash The Fury Tour

Yngwie Malmsteen 2017 World On Fire Tour. This pick comes from the show at the Festival "Skogsröjet" August 4, 2917.

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