Guitar Pick Collectors

Allan Ralph 2015 San Francisco in California, USA. First pick is Alans family pick, his doughter Laraya, second pick is his 8 year anniversary pick.

Anthony J. Aros 2013-2014 Tucson in Arizona, USA

Chris Cipolla 2016 From Kansas City, Missouri USA.

Craig Crosby 2012 Pick Collector from Port Washington, Wisconsin. Wedding pick for him and his wife Cari August 12th 2017.

Dimitry Paskonov 2018 & 2019 Pick Collector from Ufa in Russia

ED Cigar, Pick Collector

Göran Wahlsten, Pick Collector from Örebro in Sweden.

Jen Las Vegas in Nevada, USA

Jesper Lorenzen 2017 Pick Collector from Odense, Denmark Pick Collector

Johan Carlén, Pick Collector from Gothenburg in Sweden. This one made for the Kiss Kruise 3 2013.

John McLaughlin 2017, Pick Collector from Lowell, Massachusetts USA.

Laurenz Gelissen 2016 Heusden-Zolder in Belgium (The pick were made the 24 Dec 2016, Lemmys Birthday).

Luke Breden 2016 Wahpeton in North Dakota, USA

Mario David Suligoy 2019. Pick Collector from Rosario, Argentina.

Mike Labadie 2017 Pick Collector & Dealer Los Angeles CA, USA.

Martin Pommier 2015 & 2017 Pick Collector from Laval, Québec in Canada.

Michael Nelson Pick Collector from Hammond IN, USA. blue pick from 2017.

Patrick Broekmans Gent in Belgium

Patrick Dierick 2015-2018 Pick Collector from Gooreind, Antwerpen in Belgium.

Pena Koleksiyongusu, Pick Collector

Psamt (Picks, Sticks & Memorabilia Traders) FaceBook Group 2016

Scott Wilson 2015 Fort Wayne in Indiana, USA (this is a memorial pick for his late grandmother, Jeff Monnier)

Yumi Ibrahimzade 2015 Istanbul in Turkey (His engaged pick).

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10.04 | 10:18

Really great collection. Have you really obtained all yourself?
Cheers from Finland.

11.05 | 12:10

hello, haow are you¿ ... you sell some of your guitar pickss

thx so much

28.02 | 02:25

Hejsan :) har du några mustasch plektrum till salu?

26.01 | 07:10

Do you ever sell any of your Volbeat picks

Du gillar den här sidan